Welcome to Our CommUNITY

We are a heart centered spiritual community dedicated to empowering personal transformation and living the unlimited possibilities of Spirit with gratitude.


Unity of Verde Valley is located in the quaint Old Town section of Cottonwood, Arizona.

This ministry began in September 2017 with six individuals who missed having a local Unity ministry would gather for “Unity Chats” in the back room of a local coffee shop for a book study on Unity’s Five Basic Principles.

As more and more people began to discover this gathering of like-minded spiritual seekers, the numbers began to grow to the point where they were able to move the meetings – beginning November 4, 2018 – to a larger venue within the Cottonwood Old Town Plaza at 753 N Main St.  The first Sunday Service on January 7, 2018, was a sacred White Stone ceremony for the New Year, led by Rev. Charli Tupper.

Unity of Verde Valley continues to grow and thrive both in members and consciousness.  We are dedicated to being a support to the awakening and development of spiritual consciousness in the world.  We do this by offering:

  • Sunday services that give us tools to practice our principles in our daily experiences.
  • Meditation that deepens our connection with the Divine Presence within.
  • Classes that open our hearts and minds to a broader understanding of spiritual principle and manifesting good in our lives.
  • Connection with each other in kind and loving ways.

“We are our own good fortune; we have wthin us powers and capabilities that, if used, would create a whole new world for us, a rich, prosperous, successful world.”

Martha Smock

Our Minister

Grace-filled Blessings

Rev. Charli is an ordained UNITY minister whose passion is to inspire, enlighten, and empower individuals and groups as together we consciously awaken the Divinity within.    Her mission is:  Seeing the Divine in all, birthing consciousness.  

She does this by:

  • Working with individuals to break through the barriers that hold us back.
  • Teaching classes and workshops that empower spiritual students to see with new eyes and hear with new ears.
  • Speaking at Sunday Services to inspire and enlighten as together we explore deeper understandings of spiritual principles.

Our Board of Trustees

Daryl Buntley

Daryl Buntley


Daryl has been associated with Unity for about four years. He finds that the beliefs and teachings of Unity bring a message that resonates with his heart. From Daryl’s education and work experience, he brings valuable technical, management, and organizational skills that he enjoys using to serve Unity of Verde Valley in growth and fulfillment of its vision and mission.

Grace Cassidy

Grace Cassidy


Grace began attending Unity of Sedona in approximately 2008, and then moved her membership to the Cottonwood Unity Center of the Valley started by Rev. Bruce Kellogg in 2009. When Grace walked into Unity Center of the Valley and was so warmly welcomed there, she definitely felt acknowledged. She loved the community feel of greeting each other and the after-church gatherings.

Grace feels her long history as a legal secretary and good office skills prepared her for being of service on the Board of Trustees of Unity of Verde Valley. Grace enjoys being helpful and being a part of something important that brings people together.

Jeanette Suggs

Jeanette Suggs


Jeanette was exposed to Unity many years ago through her local PTA in a class that was presented by a Unity minister. Her strong resonance with Unity teachings caused her to soon join a Unity ministry in Irving, Texas, and then came to join Unity of Phoenix in 1974.

Jeanette was highly instrumental in the startup and growth of Unity of Verde Valley after the previous Unity ministry in Cottonwood led by Rev. Bruce Kellogg became inactive in 2017. She has served on the UVV Board of Trustees as its spiritual coordinator from its inception and took her current Board position in April 2020 when Rev. Charli Tupper was hired as senior minister.

Jeanette is a Licensed Unity Teacher, and her long history of volunteer work, serving as a volunteer coordinator, helping to lead a prayer ministry, leading a study group, and many other avenues of service makes her an invaluable member of the Unity of Verde Valley Board of Trustees. Jeanette feels that Unity is her spiritual home, and that UVV is a very special place.