Soul Circles

Soul Circles

S—Spiritual Growth: We enrich our spiritual lives through the study and discussion of spiritual ideas/participation in activities as well as spiritually nurture ourselves with our devotion to prayer and meditation.

OOpenness: We open our hearts and minds to share freely our thoughts, beliefs, and stories of our individual journeys. We do this in an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality that warmly welcomes others from the greater community.

U—Unity: We come together to experience and express our Oneness with each other, our human family and, indeed, the whole of creation, both material and spiritual.

L—Love: We put feet on the Power of Love through the support we offer to one another in our circles, especially during times of challenge. We also serve the larger community through acts of sacred social service that, in turn, expand and enrich our own lives.

A couple of times each year the community engages in consciously creating SOUL Circles.  These circles are groups of individuals who have a common purpose and study a common text.  The groups meet for around 7 weeks for 1 ½ – 2 hours per meeting and are facilitated by a trained Unity facilitator.

As a part of the group experience, the members may wish to engage in an activity that collectively speaks to their hearts.  This activity may be an outdoor activity; it may be to support a cause, or it may be to enhance the lives of others.  Each group will engage in a social action process at the end of their time together.

When SOUL Circles are in session, the topic each week for the Sunday Service will be a teaching on the text the groups are working with.   This is to bring the individual groups into a connection.

Watch our calendar for our next SOUL Circles.