Socks for the Homeless!

Our local homeless are constantly on their feet and their socks are likely damp and dirty causing a myriad of health problems.  Socks and underwear are the most needed items in shelters. There are about 400 homeless men, women and kids in the Verde Valley.  Bring your socks to UVV Weekly Service and drop in the Donation Box.  Thank you!  (White only – 100% cotton)

Photo © Swissmargrit | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

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New Event Calendar

To make it easier for everyone to keep up with what is happening at Unity of Verde Valley, we’ve created an online calendar of events and weekly service information area on the website. You can see upcoming highlights in the side bar on the home page or click on the main menu item “Calendar of Events/Weekly Service” to see a complete calendar listing and event details.

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Power of Elimination, Sat Fellowship November 18th

This week’s discussion and fellowship will be led by Frederick Kester, L.U.T. Candidate and Y.O.U. Sponsor (Youth of Unity). Our focus will be on the POWER OF ELIMINATION:

Affirmation: I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good.

Elimination—The ability to release, remove, denounce, deny, let go.

The disciple is Thaddeus. He represents the expulsion of negative thinking.

The corresponding color is russet and the location is the abdominal region.



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