Power of Prayer – 4th Principle – Come Join Us

Tavie Jazlyn will be both our Fellowship Leader and Special Music tomorrow when we meet in Fellowship at Jerona Cafe, 677 E Mingus Ave, Cottonwood – at 9:00 AM!  We will be discussing our 4th Unity Principle and who better to present this principle about Prayer than Tavie who has served as a Prayer Angel at Silent Unity and has over 300,000 prayers under her belt!

“Prayer, the World’s Greatest Wireless Connection”
Unity 4th Principle:    There is power in affirmative prayer, which we believe increases our connection to God.
Music:  Trilogy: “Wade in the Water-Tell it on the Mountain-Amazing Grace (House of the Rising Sun melody) by Tavie

Co-Creating: Unity of the Verde Valley CommUnity needs U!
Be still.  Listen.  Is God tapping you on the shoulder???

  • UVV has many vital areas that need your active support to our success!!
  • Facilities Coordinator – help us find a meeting place better suited to our needs and future growth
  • Fellowship Leader
  • Fund Raising
  • Newsletter Editor
  • Platform Assistant
  • Prayer Ministry
  • Special Music
  • 2017 Holiday Party Coordinator

If any of these activities to serve are of interest to you, please contact us.

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Fellowship and a Party Too!

Thanks to all who joined us for another wonderful, uplifting fellowship gathering last Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the Jerona Cafe. It was one of our early fellowship starts so we appreciate everyone getting out of bed a little earlier on that beautiful morning to join us. We also got to see some beautiful vintage cars as our venue hosts a classic car “rally” the first Saturday of each month.

The noise was a little loud but we managed to have a great discussion on the 3rd Principle and we ended by giving our Prayer Matriarch, Nonda Kellogg, a surprise birthday party.

Our venue is working “somewhat” for us now but we really need to find a more suitable meeting place for our fellowship weekly gatherings that is quieter and can have a set meeting time each Saturday. We are reaching out to all of you to help us find our new “home”. If you have access to a clubhouse, know of a hall or other suitable meeting venue, if you can reach out and make a phone call or two to get information on costs and availability and let us know, we would be extremely grateful. We are all tapping into our collective network to accomplish this and as the Amish often say, “Many Hands Make Light The Load.”

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Just Keeps Getting Better

We had yet another beautiful and inspiring meeting Saturday, September 30th with a very special visit from Bruce & Jennifer Kellogg!!! Bruce has also agreed to mentor us!

Don’t forget – 1st Saturday Gatherings start one hour earlier. See you at 8:00 AM, this Saturday, October 7th in the back room at Jerona Cafe.

Arrive a little early if you want to place an order for coffee so we can all get started on time and get as much as possible accomplished in our short time together. 

WE ARE NEEDING people to pitch in to our Fellowship – will you please consider helping in some way?? Tresa Stitley will be glad to help with some of the Administrative duties but here are just a few things others could help with:

  • Fellowship Leader… This Ministry belongs to ALL of us!  We have a simple and really easy template to use to lead our weekly discussions!  It only takes a just a small bit of your time but is so valuable to each one of us.  It’d be perfect if we could have several people that would take turns doing this.
  • Platform… Again, we have a simple template.  Platforming is simply guiding the Fellowship through our outline and in prayer.
  • Sing! Bless us with your voice
  • Help find us a better and bigger  meeting place
  • Help secure Unity Ministers or Licensed Unity Teachers to speak at our meetings
  • Financial support and fund raising
  • YOU! Your ongoing attendence and participation.


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