Our Minister Rev Charli

Rev. Charli Tupper’s vision statement: “creatively empower wholehearted living”, is the guidepost by which she leads her life.

Her deepest desire is to spark individuals and communities to reach their highest potentials by deepening and expanding their understanding of who they are and the power that resides within them. 

As a contemplative mystic, Rev. Charli often seeks guidance from a wide variety of ancient texts. Her passion is teaching the power metaphysics to live the kingdom of heaven here and now. 

Rev. Charli began her Unity journey in 1999 when she began taking classes for credit through Unity.  These classes led her to become a Licensed Unity Teacher in 2004, and a minister ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2009.  

To Rev. Charli, relationships are an important gift in life.  She married Denis Tupper when they were still teens, and they have two adult children, Dan and Julie.  Dan and his wife, Alexa, have seven children, and Julie and her husband, Chad, have four children. 

Extending their relationships beyond their rich human family, Denis and Rev. Charli share their home with two dogs and a cat, and they love providing food for the many birds that visit in their backyard.