There is room aplenty – you will not knock elbows with anyone if you get out of the surging crowd and hitch your I AM to the star of spiritual understanding.

Charles Filmore

Become a Member of Unity of Verde Valley

Membership is an agreement of participation on the parts of both parties.  Unity of Verde Valley provides a space; physically, emotionally, and spiritually in order to enhance our lives.  We do this by providing Sunday Services, an online presence, an openness to new ideas of ways that we can support and encourage the spiritual transformation that leads us into a new world that works for all.  We truly do this by being Better Together.

Those who choose to be members are making an agreement with the ministry to hold the ministry and its leadership in prayer.  Members attend and vote at all membership meetings helping to make the biggest decisions and electing board members to serve the community.  Members volunteer and support the ministry financially in order for us to thrive and give back to the greater community in meaningful ways.

To Become a Member:

The ministry provides membership classes where perspective members learn:

  • The basic principles of Unity and how we apply them in our lives.
  • The larger Unity movement, how it functions, and the role it plays within the ministry.
  • Unity of Verde Valley’s history and vision of the direction we are moving in.
  • The basic and foundational information about Unity of Verde Valley and it’s day-to-day operations.

Members renew their membership annually.

Our CommUNITY Life

We offer an array of groups and community activities for you to be a part of

Gift Us With Your Special Talents

Unity of Verde Valley is sustained by the generous offering we receive from our members and friends.  We encourage volunteering as a spiritual practice.  For any position that is open, we offer training and support.

At Unity we see volunteering as a demonstration of our spiritual principles in action, and a personal step in trying something new in a safe compassionate environment.   Each team reflects our mission and is interconnected with all other teams.  If there is a project you would like to propose we engage with, please let us know by clicking on the link to download the form, and submitting the completed form as an attachment to

To speak with someone about volunteering, please contact us directly or use our contact form.