New Class with Rev Charli

Integral Living Using Our Spiritual Gifts

July 21 – Aug 18, 2:00 – 4:00 Zoom

July 26 – Aug 23, 10:00 – noon at Unity of Verde Valley

This new class will open the student to their spiritual gifts and the way these gifts are brought forth through our talents in different ways, at different times in our life.   As we step into a time of new beginnings, which of your gifts are calling to be expressed?  
Charles Fillmore taught that we all have within us the same gifts.  Each of us, as an expression of the Divine, has access to all that God is.  It is through our individuality that these gifts are brought into the world. Expressing these gifts is what gives the greatest meaning and joy to our lives.  What might that look like for you?  
Using the teachings of Integral Spirituality, Spiral Dynamics, Bible, and various other texts, we will approach this subject from a wholistic view.  How are these gifts showing up based on our consciousness at the moment, and where might we want to take them.   

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Meeting ID: 699 489 9291 Passcode: UnityVV

Class offered on a love offering basis.

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