Sisters In Spirit “SIS”

The Importance of Dreams with Sharon Sterling

Saturday, May 15, 10:00 AM River Front Park, Cottonwood

 Please bring your own folding chair and we’ll form a circle in a shady spot. 
Sharon Sterling will be giving a presentation on “The Importance of Dreams.” Sharon will share her personal experience and exploration with dreams, including recurring dreams and their resolution, dreams in psychotherapy, and dream groups. She will present information on famous dreams and dreamers, Native American dream work, artists who painted their dreams, and the scientific basis of dreams. We will be exploring the myriad messages conveyed through dreams, how to remember and interpret dreams, and deciphering dreams symbols.
 As we get closer to the meeting date, if it looks like the weather will be unsuitable for an outdoor meeting – i.e., too hot, rainy, or windy – we will announce an alternate meeting location.
So please keep an eye on your email, just in case.
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