Weekly Fellowship with Rev. Billie Martini

This week our guest minister is Reverend Billie Martini.

Reverend Billie Martini is the pioneering minister of Unity of Surprise which was founded in 2002. She joyously served this dynamic spiritual community for 16 1⁄2 years until her retirement from church ministry this January 2019. She also served as Volunteer Coordinator at Unity of Phoenix for several years, worked at Unity Village, MO in the Public Relations Department and served as Assistant Minister at Unity of Sun City for two years.

Reverend Billie’s hobbies include dining at new and different restaurants with her husband Ralph, entertaining family and friends, reading and caring for her eight “fur” children. She has one son, Brad Zupp and a daughter-in-law, Beth.

She is committed to service. Her motto is “I live to serve and serve to live.” She truly lives in gratitude for the opportunity to serve humankind and to celebrateand support the greatness in everyone.

We are looking forward to having her with us and getting to know her.

Please join us; we look forward to seeing you there.

Don’t be shy about coming early. Coffee is usually ready by 10:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Weekly Fellowship with Rev. Linda Johnson

It is 3rd Sunday of the month and we are again blessed to have Reverend Linda share her always inspiring, energetic, engaging and love-filled messages. So, this Sunday, please come and enjoy one of our favorite guest ministers as she speaks on the topic of “Transfiguring Our Life into Wholeness.”

Coffee is usually ready by 10:00 a.m.; service starts at 10:30 a.m.  We look forward to seeing you!

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Being Alone

by J Larsen

Alone or Lonely?

Somehow, I instinctively felt I was never alone. I knew I needed to be by myself, to spend time with no other human except me, but I knew I was not alone. I always felt connected.

My first recollection was at a friend’s birthday party when I was four. People everywhere, noise everywhere, “drama,” expectations, emotions … ACH! Where could I go to “find myself” or – as my parents called it – “to be alone?” In the place where the grand celebration was being held, I crawled under the sink, into the bathroom cabinet. At last, I could be myself yet again, recompose, be free.

As I was there, much to my horror, the cabinet door opened. My secret of “being alone” now was being exposed to the unfeeling, harsh world. Fear and shame flooded my being. The secret shared with only family was now being exposed to that loud, chaotic, unpredictable element known as the present moment. Into the cabinet squeezed a three year old female. We exchanged glances. We sat together in the cabinet without speaking, knowing that we were the same, that we were connected.

Connected not only to each other, but also to something more than just ourselves. Rejuvenated, we later returned to the festivities and the party.

When did I first experience that I was lonely? An unconnected self? That being lonely hurt me, sapped me, isolated me. But that being alone was right for me and that it, in some mysterious way, nourished me. I came later to know that for me, the only “cure” for loneliness was, paradoxically, being alone, to be my connected self.

Unconnected or Connected Self

My unconnected self is the self that takes me to the desert alone. The self that says that I am alone, I am different, I am isolated. The self that feels disconnected, the self that feels small, the self that feels weak, the self that feels limited, the self that feels chained.

Humility has taught me otherwise. Connection to myself and others led to listening, and listening leads to humility.


Humility has become as simple as the acknowledgment and the acceptance that I am not alone. That I AM dependent. That I am part of a whole. That there is interdependence and that that interdependence is as much needed as the air I breathe. Commitment and freedom allow full, “self abandon” participation. I may be lonely at moments in time, but I am never alone.

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