Weekly Fellowship with Rev. Linda Johnson

It is 3rd Sunday of the month, so we are blessed to have Reverend Linda share another of her inspiring, energetic, engaging and love-filled messages. This week’s message is entitled: What if God Was Really Omnipotent In Your Life?

Special Music for this week’s fellowship provided by Jennifer Braden

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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Weekly Fellowship with Rev. Billie Martini

This week we welcome back Reverend Billie Martini. Reverend Billie always delights us with thought provoking, full of humor, inspiring lessons that are refreshing and always surprising.

This week’s message will be no different we are sure, as it is simply titled: “Who Would You Be If You Knew You Could Not Fail?”

She is committed to service. Her motto is “I live to serve and serve to live.” She truly lives in gratitude for the opportunity to serve humankind and to celebrateand support the greatness in everyone.

We are looking forward to having her with us again.

Special Music for this week’s fellowship will be provided by our very own Voices of the Heart Choir.

Please join us; we look forward to seeing you there.

Don’t be shy about coming early. Coffee is usually ready by 10:00 AM. We look forward to seeing you there.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay 

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Burning Bowl Ceremony With Rev. Charli Tupper at our 1st Sunday of January 2020 Service

Are You Ready for the New Year? Join for a time of Release and Renewal! The Burning Bowl Ceremony is Unity’s unique way of leaving all that old, worn-out baggage behind, so you can begin the New Year fresh. Do you have old memories you’d like to release? You know those old resentments, angers, and hurts that you are holding on to in mind; you don’t need them any more, they prevent God’s goodness from flowing into your life. Through the Burning Bowl Ceremony you can release those bumps, bruises and challenges and enter the New Year without any attachments. Thus you can embrace your vision for the year to come.

Fellowship Service will be led by Rev. Charli Tupper, Unity Ordained Minister from Prescott.

Special Music will be provided by Suzan Chin-Taylor.

This is our first fellowship of the year and our first Sunday of the month potluck brunch gathering for 2020 after service. So bring one of your favorite dishes to share and join in the fellowship as we open our hearts to the new year ahead. We look forward to seeing you!

Photo Image by Gundula Vogel 

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